Saturday, August 02, 2008

Into the Wild

Its a spellbinding movie.
I was just shivering and tears in my eyes at the end of the movie. I also felt very weak at the end of the movie. I wanted to go and save him.
I loved the guy Chris in this movie.... the character especially.
The narration... his journey... beautiful places... makes the movie a master piece...
I didnt want him to die at the end of the movie...

Its a realy story which happened in 90s. Sean penn took lot of effort to direct this movie and he deserves a round applause from us. Its taken from the book "Into the wild". I would read it whenever i get time. But cant forget this movie all my life. It also gives inspiration to live a better life and truthful one. Material things are also very materialistic... it doesnt lead anywhere other than a great social circle. maybe we need to understand wat do we want to do in this so called beautiful life given by god.
i dont have answers to any of the questions posed by my inner self. But i will make effort to find them one day!!!!

Verdict of movie: Worth watching

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krishnababu said...

I wathched this movie sometime back. For somereason, I could not recollect the end. Will watch it again..