Thursday, July 31, 2008


Dreams are weird sometimes. You sleep in the night only to find out later that you are sweating out of fear or anxiety. It happened with me many times in the recent. Well those were dreadful...
But I will tell you a funny dream...

In my dream... I was in some other country.... like malaysia or australia... i went to a antique shop. I liked many things there. But one lady was after me showing beautiful handbags. I never saw such a beautiful design anywhere till now. I was very impressed by that bag... I asked the lady to show all the separations. She has shown me that and told me the price as $2000.
I was SHOCKED!!!!! WAT THE.... how can a bag be so costly!!!!!!!!!!!
I could imagine my mom and sister shouting at me for thinking of buying such a costly bag!!!!!!!
The next moment I woke up and saw my mom standing beside me.
I had a very strange feeling at that moment... how come my mom is standing beside when i was just scared of her in my dream!!!!!!!

Our imagination is great sometimes... I tried to draw the picture of that bag... but couldnt draw it good. The image is still in my mind :)

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Rumm... said...

u can all buy those kind of bags once ur married...:P...for now pls dont screw ur mommy.. ;)