Monday, July 28, 2008

Little Women

I got a splendid opportunity to read this beautiful novel "LITTLE WOMEN".
I couldnt drop the novel untill i read it completely. Its awesome. Its a story about 4 young gals... Meg,Jo,Beth and Amy. It shows how they live their life having very little money and abundance of love,happiness and mirth.
I love the character of Jo in this book. She is very sweet, got high temper and cools down very easily. Jo and Laurie pair is awesome. Btw this is one of the children's classic. I came to know about this book from "The Hindu" newspaper. A lady wrote about her life and told how important this book is in her life. Now it became a dearie to me. I plan to keep this book on my bedside all through my life. And turn pages whenever i get lost with my temper/arrogance.
I didnt get a chance to read this book when i was in teens. But I am glad I read this book now.
I could get lot to learn from this book.


Narendra Naramala said...

heyy there's a movie too..!
check it out some time...

Pallavi said...

If you like the simple 19th century european life centered around women, you might as well like some of the Jane austen novels. Pride and prejudice, sense and sensibility etc. Even i want to read the Little Women.