Monday, January 17, 2011

Finally... its time :)

I have been very sluggish for the past few months. Somehow I couldnt give up lazyness to write interesting things. The most interesting part of my stay in USA is the snow. Its my first ever winter here and had loads of fun... Here are few glimpses of the same :)
 At the time of very bad snow storm in Boston.
 View from our window. The roads.. .everything was covered in just overnight snow fall.

 Finally I could get out of the house and take some snaps. It was freezing and by the time we took these snaps, my hands were numb already.

 Atlast  the final act of playing in snow.

Many more things to come ahead. Like visit to the Boston museum of Fine Arts... Connecticut trip... Temple Visit. Stay tuned folks!!!!


The Generalist said...

i have never been in snow

Smita said...

lovely pics :)