Friday, September 04, 2009

what makes you happy???

The question looks really dumb...
do you really ask it to yourself??
If someone would ask me, what makes me really happy??
I have a thousand reasons to name... so aint i reasonably lucky??
I guess sometimes we have to ask this and do those that makes us happy

What makes me happy??
  • shopping ( its quite obvious)
  • watching a movie and eating pop corn
  • driving my scooty
  • playing with kids
  • watching a cute baby's innocent smile
  • reading my favorite novel again and again
  • chatting with my best frens
  • watching my rose plants grow
  • watching the sunset while sitting on the terrace and sipping hot chai
  • catching sight of peacocks in the KBR park from my office building( its a good refreshment)
  • Listening to Ilayaraja's songs from my iPod(his music is awesome)
  • watching National Geographic channel(somehow i stick to TV watching this channel for hours)

From my previous post someone suggested me to do things that makes me happy... I realized its more important to make my facial muscles move by just smiling all the time :)
Of course being happy is very important for our day to go good and it would be a perfect beginning.

soooo... what makes you happy????

1 comment:

Satheesh said...

u missed one important thing which makes u happy i suppose..
Chocolates :)