Tuesday, September 15, 2009

my photographic skills

they are naive... dont fall for the title :P
i am attaching snaps taken near my office.... btw... there is a lotus pond near my office and its the most beautiful during the evening times... around 5:30 to 6:30pm
Yesterday i happened to go there and took a walk around it... caught some pics...
here are they :)

This is the pond that i m referring to... its just surrounded by buildings and greenery. Awesome sight from my office building :)

This tree is completely bent into the pond... one can actually swing on its trunk. I have the snap me swinging.. but for other reasons i didnt put it here

There are lots and lots of fish in that pond... all sizes and even crabs also... if you make sound crabs run away into the water...the pond is over breed with many fish...because fishing is not allowed :P the fish is seen very clearly.
very neatly arranged stone planks... liked the arrangement very much...

This is my sab se favorite snap... the only dead tree you can find there in that park... it was around 6:30pm when i took this snap... and i didnt apply any effects to it and just came as beautifully as anything :)
god really took care in removing all the leaves and making it live for other nature loving guys to see it even after its death. Like me i guess :P


Gopal said...

nice photos... especially, the second, third and the fifth!

sweelie said...

Thanks Gopal!!!

Smita said...

I liked all the pics but yes the last one actually has come out really well!!! :-)

Thanks for sharing them here :)

vimmuuu said...

The last one is toooo spooky !!! :D :D :D

Satheesh said...

last one is really nice.. u r getting photography skills too good :)

sweelie said...

Thanks smita...i wish i had a better camera than my mobile :P

vimmuuu... i know u r even scared of dark and ghostly things!!! cant help here :D

satheesh... thanks...let me get a canon 10x zoom one and post those pictures