Tuesday, April 20, 2010

simple yet profound

Sometimes its very difficult for us to make right decisions. Though at a single glance any issue may seem trivial but to give right judgement requires quite an understanding of the surroundings, its people and the due course of action. Do we really have to tamper with the decision based on the effects and be biased?? Its completely left to the individual. If the effects of the decision are only limited to a single person and beneficial to others, the responsibility is on decision maker itself. Otherwise if the decision is going to effect other lives, then the decision maker has no right to tamper or be biased on decision making.
Life gives us many opportunities to make quick and valuable decisions. After proper analysis and reasoning one should come to a conclusion. While making a decision one should give value to the ideals and virtues set for oneself. If they are crossed during this process, we are actually fighting and over powering our conscience which always guides us in the right path. One would never be the same after such an action and lose confidence when one has to act next time.
Isn't it true that most of the times our selfish motives drive in decision making? If there has not been such a motive, the world would have been a better place for living for everyone. Here the emphasis is only on the so called selfish - greedy nature of a person which effect the decision making. This greedy nature of a person deprives the right thinking, killing the conscience and corrupting mind for mere material needs.
In order to take a right decision and stand by it one needs courage. Its the courage which sprangs from the heart supported by mind, the intellectual. It gives immense happiness which is beyond measures.


satya_eee1 said...

I took few decisions in my life by thinking and analysing the various factors. Finally, I ended up taking bad decisions.. Since then,I started taking decisions just like that..

One who has been changed said...

Life is indeed full of decisions and we always will answer for what we decide or what we don't decide. Biggest one is what are we going to do about our life, in light of this fact. God loves us and His son Jesus the Christ died for our sins so we do not have to pay the price. But we must may choice to accept the gift of forgiveness. Read book of John in the Bible and choose well. Life is short and eternity is forever. Can not afford to be wrong on this choice.