Monday, April 26, 2010

its unnecessary thinking

Did it happen anytime that you cannot feel anything to the core?? There is no attachment of any sort to the material things around. Attachment means you cry if you lose it. You feel bad in heart for the failure of doing something. There are regrets of sort when things go wrong with you. Are you called shameless then if there is no feeling for anything? Or are you attaining some kind of sainthood in that process?? Are you sluggish then?? Oh gee!!!! There are so many questions when you realize that you dont feel anything?? Guess its the idle devil mind that makes you do think in that way. 
I m sure its only the idle devil mind that makes that think in that way, otherwise we are not born that way. When you give thought again it might be correct that we dont feel because those things might not be important in our life at that point of life. There are greater things to be perceived and sought. 
These are what I felt in the past few days. When I find answers to my questions, I m sure I m going to enlighten you friends :P
Till then alvida!!!


Uncommon Sense said...

yeh i happens, i m almost a saint

sweeliee said...

@uncommon sense: thats good on ur part!!! I still have to chase and realize my questions then :)

Pravin Nair said...


Nice post..nicely expressed..I also like the overall positivity in your blog..

keep it up!

sweeliee said...

@pravin: thank you :)