Sunday, April 04, 2010

Cursed for being old??

Recently I came to know about the death of a grandmother who lives in the same village as mine. She didnt die because she was old. She died because no one took care of her and she was having little pride in approaching other relatives for help. For 3 days she didnt eat anything itseems and neighbors had to break the house as she didnt open the house in the morning. She was just stoned to death on a mat. Her grandsons and grand-daughters were called later in the evening. Was she cursed for being old??? Is it her fault that she aged giving birth to sons and daughters and raising them, making them eligible so that they leave her at the end??
When I was a kid I remember growing up in her house. She used to welcome me everytime when I used to go there for summer holidays. She always lived alone as far as I remember because her daughter-in-law never allowed her son to come near her mom. She managed with the money that came from the little land she hand.
If I were given a sword or gun, I would kill all those f****** sons. No one has the right to abandon their aged parents however mean they might have been!!!! I am so ashamed of her sons and daughters who couldn't take care of her. 
I mean what is our life for?? Just to earn money...get enough education....get married...have sex...have kids...have a house...give money to parents if required!!! Is that all?? Where have all the moral values gone which we were taught when we were kids??? I see so many people leaving their parents in old age homes and settling in foreign countries for the richness and comfort. Where are we heading in the fast moving world leaving ourselves??
Being old should never become a curse. There should be some hard and fast rules made in the constitution in my opinion. First of all, parents should plan well for their retirement. Save enough for the worst times to come. Never get tempted to give everything to sons and daughters. They got their life and can earn enough.
Secondly, maintain a good friends circle and be happy always. If things doesn't work out well at home always have a back up plan, like an old age home with the savings available. If one is not physically capable, then I pray sons are kind enough to take care of them.


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saraswati said...
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saraswati said...

very true

Satheesh said...

This is an existing issue frm long time. you cant change it. But u can make sure u r taking care in ur side.

aarthi said...

Well Said..

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