Sunday, May 02, 2010

king of fruits!!!

In India, I think Mango is considered as the king of fruits. Its seen in market during the summer and comes in many varieties. I have loads of memories associated with mangoes. 

When I was young, there were a bunch of kids who used to play together during summer holidays. It included my brother, my sister, sravan, laxmi(sravan's sister) and myself. We always used to be seen together playing in park, cycling, having lunch together and stealing mangoes!!!! Now thats the interesting part...jumping into neighborhood house and plucking small mangoes and running away!!! It used to be totally fun. Our neighbors had 4 mango trees in their garden. At around 2pm, when everyone in the house used to have hefty lunch and snore, we made the plan - the deadly plan to steal mangoes :D
Laxmi used to stand near the corner of the lane and make sure to hint us when someone was coming through this route. Sravan and my brother used to climb the 6ft wall and walk like a cat near the tree. I used to stand on the otherside of the wall waiting for the duo to drop the mangoes across the wall. After collecting the mangoes we used to run as fast as possible to either our house or to Sravan's house.
Now the feast starts by adding salt and chilli powder to the mangoes. We shared the mangoes, cut them in pieces with the pencil blade we had. Then eat them with salt and chilli powder sprinkled on the pieces with mouth slurrping and tinkling taste buds!!!! The taste of the stolen mangoes is far better than the mangoes which were purchased. I guess its the enthusiasm thats added to the mangoes which makes them special. Those were the memorable days of childhood. That very next year, Sravan and Laxmi's family left Nizamabad. I really donno where they are now. I still remember their faces though a little fading.
I guess everyone has some or the other memory associated with the mangoes. Enjoy summer with mangoes of different varieties and cherish the moments!!!


Uncommon Sense said...

yeh those were the day,, todays kids dont get to enjoy like that..

Booklover said...

I'm sure every Indian will have cherished moments and stories about mangoes :)

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sweeliee said...

@uncommon sense: i know...these days kids are addicted to TV unlike our times :)

@booklover: thats for sure :)
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