Monday, May 03, 2010

Revolutionary road

This movie was aired on TV. I was excited to watch the Titanic duo Leonardo and Kate once again in this movie. This is a slow movie about a suburban family living a usual boring life with children. They suddenly realize they gotta do something to get rid of that boredom and plan to settle in Europe. Leonardo's acting is awesome, though I love his acting in all his movies.
Apart from the actors, the movie is sad. Showing a married couple with two kids, living in a beautiful house and still finding life to be boring and empty is something I couldn't digest. I heard of many friends saying that professional life becomes boring after some point of time. I guess its true now with the married life as well. Maybe everyone needs to be put effort to bring the joy and fun in their married life. Everything in life needs working on. Kate Winslet dying at the end made me sad.
I m tired of thinking in positive terms with life these days. I guess we should not expect anything in life. I mean there should not be any expectations from anyone, either positive or negative. Take everything that comes at that moment and decide the course of action. In this movie, the couple had lot of expectations from their life. They wanted a life with all the wishes fulfilled, happiness around and change.
Well I m still learning not to have any expectations from anyone and live peacefully. Its a little difficult to teach our heart these kind of matters :P

On the whole Revolutionary Road is a good movie and watch it with open mind!!!


Uncommon Sense said...

yeh it was on tv yesterday, ws too drunk to watch.. will catch with it lateron..

getting rid of expectations is a gd thing...

One who has been changed said...

There are a lot of people who look for happiness in all of the wrong places. If one finds inner peace and contentment then happiness will not be an issue. Need to know that God looks us and His son Jesus the Christ died for our sins so we would not have to pay the price. Find a Bible and at least read book of John to find out how. Life is short and we can not afford to be wrong.