Friday, March 05, 2010

I know you would

"Momma... today is 4th march... and you know what!!!", the 4 year old Sweety was shouting to catch her mom's attention who is busy swinging fingers on the keypad of her laptop. Lina is working from home as Sweety's nanny got sick.
Lina,"what baby??"
Sweety,"you forgot what is on 4th??"
Lina,"what is it??"
Sweety,"I know you would. I m sad!!". Saying that she ran away into her room.
Lina could hear soft sobs from kids room and found Sweety in the closet holding Tutu.
"I m sorry kiddo,tell me what is it", said Lina.
"Today is Tutu's birthday. You promised to make a cake and celebrate."
"Okay fine. Lets go and make yummy cake and party in the kitchen!!!"

Tutu is an abandoned piglet which Sweety found near her school and kept it as her pet since then.

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Vega said...

Nice story!