Thursday, March 18, 2010

Running on in my mind

I was always interested in detective serials and novels but never knew that I would be mad at one until now. Recently I saw Sherlock Holmes movie starring Robert Downey and Jude Law. Though I read his stories in school days I was not much interested then. But now its completely a different story. By some instinct I ran into Landmark near Somajiguda and got the two volumes of Sherlock Holmes adventures which were there. At first I couldnt find the Volume I of his adventures. I made the shopkeeper to search his entire database to check if there are really any copies and to find out where they are misplaced and get me one. He did it. He got it for me. Mean while I couldn't resist buying Ruskin Bond's another book. It happens being a freak and roaming in such a world of books where its impossible to glance at overwhelming number of books and resisting to buy.

Now comes the interesting part of my Sherlock Holmes journey. I have started reading his adventures putting myself in the shoes of Dr.Watson. His description of Holmes and the reasoning he gives is so excellent that I couldnt stop thinking in the same way. Whenever Holmes is describing a crime scene with blood stains, foot prints, nature of murder and the character of the person, I couldnt stop imagining myself being there and looking at everything like a freak and wondering how the hell does he do that!!!! Watson being a doctor and as naive as he could be and as surprised as he can be and as shocked as he can be when Holmes comes to a conclusion based on his reasoning and theory on the facts given which can be like a single hair, I m dumbfounded!!!
When Holmes is waiting for a criminal in a big castle to catch him and he breathes heavily, with Watson limping and imagining things to himself, I could feel the same things happening to me in my mind. When there are no cases with Holmes and he is puffing cocaine and sounding boorish, I could imaging myself being and reading the same way in my mind. Maybe thats the power of our mind. Our imagination can reach greater levels what we can actually think of. Thats what the author has proved.
To know more about analogy and reasoning skills one should read Sherlock Holmes. Narration by Watson is excellent. I must say that Sir Aurthur Conan Doyle is simply great with his imagination and writing power. He could give the world a great detective character who has ever lived in the form of Holmes and a noble trustworthy human being in the form of Watson. I have just completed few of the adventures in the Volume I. There are many more stories to be completed and perceived.
I have become a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes and cherish my reading of his adventures all through my life!!!!
I guess it doesnt really matter at what age you read this book. It just matters how thrilled you are on reading this and how much you appreciate it.


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