Thursday, December 24, 2009

would the future be like this??

Darwin proposed the theory "survival of the fittest". In order to have a comfortable life in future what would be the strategy that would be followed??

I got a thought... supposedly in future, man discovers some way to find out what are the possible kinds of problems(u call it diseases or psychological ones) one can have by just studying at the DNA... what would happen to the man kind??? One would be rated based on the intelligence as well as this factor. One will decide about their kids based on those 2 factors apart from love. Its a depressing thought.

But someone has actually captured this thought in a movie called Gattaca. Yes!!! Its damn true. Its set in which year I forgot though. But a nice movie for science fiction. It also captures one major thing called the determination and the will power of a man. As long as you are brave at heart and have courage.... no physical disability can deny you from fulfilling your dreams. Strength is not in the physical structure of a man but in his spirit!!! I know few guys who have proved such thing like Stephen Hawking, one of the great scientist.

One more thought... if there is a thing called rebirth and god gives us an opportunity to chose which life you want to take...who would you want to be??

PS: I would like to be a TREE.


shel semechah said...

I found your blog through the "Next Blog" button and I must admit I'm intrigued.

I also often wonder when science will go too far. It is a legitimate concern that DNA information will cause things like diseases to prevent people from many opportunities, like jobs, who otherwise would have been considered.

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sweelie said...

@Shel... thats really sweet of you. thank you for visiting my blog.
Reg DNA its very true... future's gonna be different and difficult.
I have gone through your posts... my fav is dal makhani :)

sweelie said...

@shel... did i say dal makhani?? I like it bad you said about tikka makhani :)

MightyMagic said...

If there is a rebirth kind of thing, i would like to born as a bird which has ability to fly thousands of miles. It is very thrilling to have freedom to change places seasons and choose the best one to live at any given time.Is n't it great? The other advantage is you dont need to go through this mindless documentation which humans need to. If not bird, as a smart girl who can pamper the rest of the world. Juss kidding:)

shel semeichah said...

@sweelie.. thanks! it was my first time cooking it. I realize I did not answer your question... I would have to say a penguin. one of those ones that goes from place to place, not necessarily cold places.