Sunday, January 03, 2010


oh my god!!! 2009 year just went like that...
And yay!!!! I wanted to write to this post just to inaugurate my post for 2010 and see how it looks like :D

And friends I would like to wish you a great year
HAPPY NEW YEAR  2010 FRIENDS!!!! think of any reSOLUTION, I should think of what I broke last year... It was fun breaking them.
First one being to PUT on weight!!!(I should be crazy to even think of it as one resolution). Breaking it means it never happened :P
This year I m not gonna take any resolutions and just go with the flow. Then I wouldnt even worry about them.

2009 was great for few things:
1. New company and new friends at office.
2. New blog friends like Vimal,Smita,Silverine and IMH
3. New laptop
4. New house
5. Brothers visit
Those are the few things and I am really thankful to god for blessing me with happiness.

Wish me good year so that I can write good posts and make good friends!!!!

Good luck Friends


Smita said...

All the luck in this world for you :-)

Wish you the happiest year ever :)

vimmuuu said...

Wish you a very happy new year :)

Dharma's Blog said...

hi... Happy New yr.... i wil follow ur blog its interestng...wish u gud luck...

flower said...

thank you..