Thursday, January 07, 2010

random musings

So much is happening in Andhra. For sometime I was thinking of writing about the tension prevailing in Andhra Pradesh. But I saw that many bloggers and writers wrote about the same and I didnt want to reinvent the wheel again.
Everyone want a new state. Mayawati wants 3 states spawned out of UP!! What the heck!!!!
One wrong move by Congress government made hell lot of  differences in the various parts of the country.
The transportation, IT, tourism and emotions of people are effected by Telangana movement in Andhra Pradesh.
Hailing from Telangana region I would support for the development of the region. I would fight for the equal opportunities given to the people of this region. This area has been neglected for years together. Only money dominated all the time in the government formed.
I pray that all the tensions in the state would get solved peacefully.

hmm... enough of politics. Today I saw 3 idiots movie. I enjoyed it fully and I can definitely say that its not a  copy of FIVE POINT SOME ONE by Chetan Bhagat. Hirani did it best to justify the movie by putting old actors. Aamir Khan's acting is excellent. And I adore Madhavan... was crazy about him during college days. The only south indian surviving in Bollywood.
The movie has got a message for the students and teachers and also to the deep rooted study system in our country. Most of them study for marks and grade sake. Practical implementation would be less. Thats why most of them from India dont get Nobel prize now except for few who have gone to US and imparted the education system.

Recently I learnt a new word from Hindu newspaper. Its "intexticated" which mean one is text messaging while driving. And there is punishment for that even. Corrupt officials would take some bucks and leave you. Thats a different matter. But note that there is a lot of difference between intoxicated and intexticated.

Have a nice time folks!!! If you know some stupid and funny words let me know.


MightyMagic said...

Bnigo! leraned a nwe inteersting wrod tdoay. Cnat sotp uisng tihs wrod.

kathleen. said...

Aal izz Well :]
awesome movie!