Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Sometime back one of my fren was asking why I havent been updating any pictures and writing regularly??
Well, the obvious answer was laziness... but i thought to overcome it and post some pictures here

The below picture is the rangoli made on Sankranthi at our house.... its just beautiful and my sister has chosen vibrant colors to make it elegant...

This is my bday cake which I cut in december :P it was a yummy yummy fruit cake.
The bakery from which it is got is famous in hyd(its name is Vacs bakery). Visit this bakery for excellent pastries whenever you drop in hyd :)

This is my favorite village art. I got it from a mela and loved the professions shown it.
Identify them if you can??

This winter my rose plant has bloomed with lots of flowers... And this pic has one of it...
isnt it beautiful???

I will update more as soon as I capture!!!


MightyMagic said...

Photography is something you can also excel, these pictures and previous ones prove the fact that you also have another exiciting thing to be taken care of.

flower said...

good photography

Sama said...

nice pics...
liked the village art...made me think for a while :)

sweelie said...

@naveen: thank you... i will learn better and take more good ones

@flower: thank you

@sama: thank you sama :)