Monday, January 19, 2009

A young girl weds a Frog

Well... I am not gonna write a fairy tale here... This has happened in Tamil Nadu in a small village.
Reference :TOI - 18-jan-2009

In a village in Tamil nadu, two young girls were married to frogs to save their village from evil happenings. I was surprised and shocked to read this news. How can people be so stupid, that they sacrifice their girls life for such superstitions??? Is there no one in the village who is educated and who could stop that??
What happens if the frogs die in a couple of days?? Would be girls be called "Widow of Frog"?
Aaahhhh... that sounds so stupid and whaack!!!!

In this 21st century when people are using modern gadgets and trying to find out whats on moon and mars... at the other end people are very ignorant and foolish, trying to believe in fairy tales.
Fairy tales are good to listen but not to implement at any cost. Would that innocent frog ever become a Young man and be with the girl????
hahahha.... very funny and there is no hope also. God please give our people some brain to think and to use at the right time.

I think in our country social awareness is still missing. So many NGO's are working towards improving our country but still we need more I guess.


Smiles4u said...


I agree with you people are superstitious and ignorant.This is all because of being unaware of science ,if we improve on our education system we can get over things like this.

Let me tell u some lighter part per the news after marriage forgs are set free back to pond and girls to there normal life .so no question of "widow of forg" at least for this we can feel happy ;)

Keep Smiling...

sweelie said...

Thanks. I am relieved.