Friday, January 09, 2009

Signs of change

In december 2007 I got few flower pots which were very healthy and blooming.
I uploaded few of the snaps of them in my blog.
Just as the flowers which were happy... my life was also pleasant.

But now after one year, all of them died giving me lot of disappointment and sadness. Now I only see dry mud in the pots.
Maybe they wanted to tell me that this part of present life is gonna die and you should start a new and fresh one. As they were through the dieing phase, my life was also in turmoil. My job is uncertain as of now. I think nature has its own way of giving indications.
I am gonna trust it and start a fresh one. I am gonna get new flower pots, nourish them and help them smile all the time!!!
I pray to God, to give me enough strength.

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Hemanth Potluri said...

even tho the flowers have died the essence can be felt in the mud...:)...even the fresh start can help it :)..