Tuesday, January 13, 2009

first time...what happened for the first time???

Well... you take anything to happen in life... something has to happen for the first time...
I realized that something happened with me for the first time in life :)

January 13 2009, 2:25pm.
I got into my office elevator at ground floor along with my lead Saritha.
I pressed the 5 number.
It started moving and I was busy chatting with Saritha.
When we were crossing third floor, suddenly everything went dark and there was a loud sound with a big jerk indicating that it stopped. I realized that power was not there, so our lift has stopped.
My heart was beating at a very fast rate and without my knowledge I caught hold of Saritha's hand. It was like a child holding mothers hand when something is scary.
As it was dark, I couldnt see anything.. not even Saritha's face :(

I asked her while being little panicked, "Are you not afraid Saritha?"
She replied, " I am afraid but I am not showing that so that you wont be more panicked!!"
That reply has touched my heart... I didnt expect such a reply though.

We were there in the same situation for about a minute.
Then the power came. I saw that our lift has stopped in between 3rd and 4th floor.
Security guard was speaking from some room and as there was a speaker in every lift, we could hear him. He asked if we are fine. We said yes and told him to immediately start the lift so that we get can out from there.
We went to the fifth floor and this is the incident that I have faced for the first time in my life :D
Now I could understand why people are scared when the elevator stops abruptly in movies :P

Struck in an elevator - First time it happened in my life :) and i loved it... infact i enjoyed the moments that came after my panic.

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