Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Memento movie

Its a very nice movie. IMDB rank is #27 for this movie.
The director leaves most of the things to our imagination in this movie.
This movie is remade in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil as GHAJINI.
After watching all these versions, we would really appreciate the English one. Infact one will think of the remake ones as utter flop and stupid. Well remake versions are just inspired from this movie, as movie makers say :)

This movie "Memento" starts from the end. Every incident is cut shot and shown in the reverse direction. Its very important for us to remember what happened in the beginning. Otherwise the whole idea of watching this film is lost.

I liked the actor Guy Pearce alot. His acting skills are awesome. His slender body and gait suit the character of Lenny very much. A must watch if one is interested in thriller, suspense and action.

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