Friday, November 20, 2009

process of untagging myself - part1

Recently I have been tagged by Smita which was started by Vimal.
Let me start it...

1. Locking up myself
               When I was young, I grew up with my grandmom for most of the time. My grandmom tells me now that I used to tie her pallu to my wrist very hard so that I never get separated from her. And one day I went to one marriage with her. At that time I was just 4 years old. When all my relatives were busy in marriage preparations, some kids started playing some games and I joined them. I donno exactly what happened but I got locked myself in a room. I mean I literally put the latch and I couldnt open it for long time. All of my relatives started looking for me and found me locked in a room which I couldnt open. So they used a long stick and put it through the window and managed to pull the latch. Thats how I got out. My grandmom tells this story and laughs for sometime. Even my relatives remember this incident and say that I had created a mess at that time :)
A nice memory for me!!!

2. Hiding out from home
               My brother and myself studied in the same class from UKG to 10th class. Only difference was that he studied in a boys high school and I studied in a girls high school. It was in 2nd class that my brother took a group photo with his classmates and teacher. My brother was kinda looking very cute in that picture sitting beside his teacher. I took that snap to my school to show to my frens and I lost it. I was really scared to go home and tell mom that thing. I searched all my books and bag hundreds of times only to not find it in my bag. So I went to most of my frens house to find out if my mistake the picture was with them... but alas!!! my bad luck... i didnt find out... i was crying and I sat under a tree back in my school again. Aaya's(working ladies) at my school were trying to find out what happened with me. I didnt open my mouth. I finally decided to search my bag once again. Hurrey!!!! I found it... It was right in my bag...
I jumped with joy for a while....and happily went home. That photo is still at my home. I laugh at the incident sometimes for my silliness. Even now my mom doesn't know about this incident.

3. Fun with frens at my village
          Let me tell you guys, I was the most active and restless kid when I was young. Never used to stay at house for a minute. Always I used to freak out with friends and one incident turned out to be horrible. Let me explain... For some festival, our family went to my village. My dad was not at home. I am really really afraid of my father in those days and if he is at home, I am the most silent kid :P else i am the queen of my life :P
For the same festival, one of my frens family were planning a big puja in the near by village. We should go to that village walking through the fields and farms. I was ready for that in an instant. I went to that place along with my frens. Imagine walking with frens in a line on the edges of fields enjoying and singing songs... Absolute delight :D And I walked for about 3kms and reached that village.
I actually thought that the festival process would end in 2 hours and then come back by afternoon. But that was not so... it was actually 6pm and I was tensed and scared. I was forcing their parents to drop me home as soon as possible. But it didnt happen and I was imagining the worst things in place for me back at home. Atlast I came home at 8pm and realized that most of the village people were looking out for me and they even sent some persons to find out in the neighboring village. I got good shuntings from my mother, my grandmom and my uncles. I never did like that again.

So those are my sweet memories. I still have to write more... but i will write them later as I dont remember most of the stuff now :)

Have a nice weekend folks!!!

PS: we have a long weekend in hyderabad as monday is a holiday here :D


vimmuuu said...

LOL, good ones ! why did u stop with just three ?? :D :D I am not kidding, but I have locked myself in the bathroom so many times. I avoided those stories deliberately because of the bathroom reputation I already have ! :D :D

sweelie said...

and i didnt know about your bathroom stories :P
i am going to write more later...

Smita said...

lol!! You have been a naughty kid :D

Even I have done the locking myself inside thing (have written about it in an older tag :D)

And waiting for more stories as this was fun to read :)

sweelie said...

hehhee... didnt know locking up is such a common thing :P

yeah... i was a naughty kid... i will write soon other stories :)