Wednesday, November 25, 2009

process of untagging myself - part2

Sometime back I wrote a post regarding my childhood memories. I am going to continue writing rest of the stories. They might not be so interesting but I guess for timepass one can just read them :P

4. stories stretched
Being the eldest one in my family, my brother and sister used to listen whatever I said till 5th standard(later they realized how stupid they were :P). We were living for rent in a very big house which had lot of open place with a big neem tree in front of the house. During power cuts and summer, we used to have fultoo masti. We used to have one wired chair in which 3 kids can easily fit... we used to sit in that and my sister used to request me to say one story... the main action now starts... I used to actually start a fairy tale kinda story and never end it... add all fictional characters and say this and that and king and kid and villain and nothing else... I used to give lots of twists and turns and mean while my bro and sis would have long back forgotten the actual context. After some time my brother who would have actually got bored would say STOP PLEASE!!!!! And my mom would shout from inside the house to come and sleep :)
(now i cant even think of creating a cock and bull story)

5. Nail polish and noise
Every year there used to be a mela at our village and my grandpa used to buy me whatever I want. One such time he didnt come and sent grandmom along with me to the mela. I dont remember exactly, but i think my cousins have also accompanied me to have fun. My grandpa gave me Rs.3 to buy something at mela and I didnt spend. I went to a near by shop in my village and got nail polish which has the yuck dark pink color(i hate that color now). I applied nail polish to all my cousins and the next day I took it to my school :)
I think I was in 2nd class at that time, and shown it to my frens during a free period and the smell of nail polish was evident in my class. We girls were making hell lot of noise and that too talking on top of our voices. Next moment one sister(ours was a missionary school...we had only sisters) came to our class and shouted at everyone and caught me red handed with nail polish. She took it with her and made me stand up on the last bench :(
It was so damn embarrassing...She gave me back that nail polish after school hours. That was the last stupid thing I did at school.

6. Greeting cards
Being 3 kids in a family, we used to share pencils,pens and sketch pencils. When I was in 3rd standard, I loved using sketch pencils for whatever things. The habit continued and I learnt how to make good designs with pencil and apply colors with sketch pencils. At that time I got an idea of making hand made greeting cards with those designs and giving it to classmates on their birthdays. My brother and sister always used to ran out of sketch pencils and fight with me. Doesnt matter :) I was selfish enough to keep the best designs with  me and give stupid ones to frens as cards. One day I lost the book in which I kept all those designs. And I stopped making designs. Now I cant even make a good mehandi design for my hand... I wish I had practiced more and enhanced my skills :(

7. Dictation
When I was in 5th class we used to have dictation in different subjects. Those marks used to be added in the mid term results. At that time there was tough competition between me and another girl(Sheela Reddy) in our class. Most of the time she used to beat me in mid term exams. And I used to beat her in the finals :P
One day there was science subject dictation. 20 words were told by the teacher. I was happy that I would get  20/20. But somewhere I had a doubt in one word. That word was RECEIVE, whether the 'e' would follow 'i' or 'i' would follow 'e'. We both girls were discussing and realized that I made a mistake in that word. I wrote 'i' followed by 'e'. She got 20/20 and I got 19/20.
And by god, after that exam and till now I never forgot the spelling of that word. Even now when I write that word, I remember this incident and thats how I remember the spelling of that word :(
hmm... pretty girlish!!!!

8. knocked out with chalk piece
Our school is a typical girls high school with only teachers who are women. No boys are allowed in school. When I was in 10th class we had an exception. We had a male teacher who taught physics. He was 6ft tall and pretty handsome and nothing less than a hero. Most of the girls used to go ga-ga after him at school. His class used to be around 3:10pm and many girls used to eagerly wait for his class(teenage girls you see). He used to hate talking in class and not even whispers were allowed. As I was an average studying girl at school, I used to sit in the last but one bench in class. One day it so happened that one stupid girl in my class had a doubt and she used to sit in front of me.
She turned back and asked me the doubt. The next second a chalk piece hit my head. I was shocked as it was a direct hit. And realized that it was hit by sir for talking. I didnt even open my mouth to clear that girls answer. No words exchanged after that. The most funny part is no one even thinks of talking in his class(obviously most of them were staring at him instead of listening to him). I still remember him as one of the best physics teacher ever!!!
Thats how my school life ended :)

And now my memories also end here!!!!


Satheesh said...

such a naughty girl seem to be very obedient these days :D , btw u sud continue this to write abt ur activities after 10th std :)

sweelie said...

@Satheesh... I am not going to write any more activities!!

vimmuuu said...

you never completed your stories ??? you are just like smita then ! :D :D :D

heheheh, you had to stand up on the bench for showing off, huh? serves you right ! :D :D :D :D

oh godd!! you got knocked out by the most handsome (and the only) man around, huh ? :D

Smita said...

Nail Polish used to be a craze back then na? It was more of liking the forbidden things!!!

You shud start sketching now!! may be the talent is still there!!!

@ Vimmuuu Oye! which story have I left incomplete? BBTT!!!

sweelie said...

@smita: Yeah...liking the forbidden things!!! But it was damn fun to act crazy and get things.
I will try sketching sometime...