Monday, August 20, 2007

The Prestige - Movie

An excellent movie that I have seen in the recent days. First I was baffled by the magic. I didnt know that magicians suffer so much and sacrifice everything for just creating a trick which is THEIRS. The movie is about two friends Angier and Borden. Their frenship, rivalry is shown in a splendid way.
There are many intricacies in the movie. One has to watch very carefully to understand the complete movie. Otherwise one will end up watching next time.
When I was young I used to really wonder how does one end up fooling someone so easily!!! Its the human eye and the concentration that matters here. Also they make us believe that something that doesnt happen at all in real time is what they show!!!!! Making someone believe it even for a split second matters to them :)
This movie has got Oscar awards. A movie worth watching I can say :)

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My mind said...

Indeed a very nice movie..
you really get confused at some stages of the movie..
Must watch!!