Monday, September 10, 2007

Fountain pen Vs Plastic pen

This is a two way dialogue between fountain pen and plastic pen. Lets see what they have got to say:

Fountain Pen: hi pen

Plastic Pen: Hi F pen :)

FP : How are you doing?

PP : Great!!!! People are inventing new things everyday and making me happy everytime.

FP : ohh!!! Is is so??? But I have heard something else about your life.

PP : What the hell is it?????

FP : Relax brother... I would explain everything in detail... but lemme ask you some details.

PP : Go on.....

FP : Do you know that every person uses atleast 3 plastic pens every month?? And count the number of pens used by whole population all over the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PP : Huh!!! I know that its indeed very great... and a very great number though... feeling proud huh....

FP : But do u know that 98% of them are thrown after use and they calculate to some billions and billions of pens all around???

PP : Yeah... I know.. So what!!!!!!!!! What do you want to interpret from this?

FP : These are all non- degradable items and they cannot be recycled also. If they are burnt pungent gases are evolved which choke the respiratory systems of humans. They are just accumulated in the earth all over the years causing lot of pollution. Only ink in your body is useful. Nothing other than that... There is a problem with you... you see!!!!!

PP: Yeah... This thought is sinking in me now. But why are YOU saying it?? Even you are a PEN.

FP: Yes PP. I am a pen. These days very few people recognize the importance of me :(
They go for modern fantasies like you. Also you see very few people preserve me as a treasure. My body parts are mostly made from natural resources like wood. Ink is refillable. Ink is made from natural resources. Also I last long for more than a year. Do you see that there are benefits?? Ofcourse a person have to take little extra care with me....

PP : Hmm... I do get your point now. I am easy to use and throw... but hard to digest. Easy to make... but hard to degrade.
Guys... Please listen to FP and start using. Small things in life make a lot of difference. Lets be eco-friendly. There are enough reasons to pollute our surroundings but lets not be 100% accountable to it!!!!

Well this is just a small message... there are many more things added to this... but I hope that this little thought will make us think and change.
Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My mind said...

But how come you are still using a plastic pen in office??

S.V.R.Kiran said...

good one..

pyarideepu said...

porga: i started using an inkpen now :)
kiran: thank you

srujan said...

yeah good.. thats y i use pencil.. and pen only for sign...

but i think u can recycle PP right???