Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Manager and his/her caliber

Working in a software industry for the past three years I know that a team consists of a manager,team leader, team members. I learnt that a manager is responsible for the overall team performance and their lines of improvement. But CAN a manager be partial and overlook team members by showing favoritism?? I think this should not be allowed in companies or rather to dig deep... in a TEAM.
Generally a manager should be able to understand the abilities of a team member/lead infact. He should look at the professional and personal aspect i guess. I know that there are two ladders to choose from a team lead step... either Managerial or technical.
If one knows that they are much capable of contributing themselves to the technology, then they should go ahead in that path... Otherwise in the managerial perspective.
But some of the managers I have seen are very good technically... but they got very poor managerial skills... They are such a disaster and the morale of a team member is killed in such cases. A manager should be an inspiration of a team member and one should get the motivation to reach such good levels.... Alas!!!!!!!! nonetheless it doesn't happen everywhere.
Off late I realized that people play dirty politics for anything... they are willing to lick others a** for the sake of achieving them... sometimes drooling like a dog... whack!!!
its so nasty... Well thats my observation from the industry...
how i wish future managers are fairly impartial and only aim at team development.
Also team members should have little intellect in approaching such type of managers. When you dig down into the consequences, the most effected is the team member... becharaa it would be so embarrassing situation for him/her...
guys/galz... moving into software industry be BRAVE and STUBBORN!!!!

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