Saturday, November 29, 2008

Physical abuse

With generations changing rapidly, the actual context abuse is also varying. We see many cases of such abuses in our society. Many people suffer silently especially women. At all stages of life, women are prone to such abuses either physically or sexually. If you are a kid or teenager, threat is there from the outside society if not family. If you are a home maker, the immediate threat is from her own husband and in-laws. If you are a old woman, living at the cost of her son, she would suffer from her daughter in law.
Why do such things happen in our society??In such male dominated society, they must be thinking its great to rule and dominate. How far is this justified? Just because they are 6 feet and 80kgs of weight, doesnt mean that they got right to treat others as slaves and trash them. Don't people have concern for others just like their loved ones. Why do we differentiate between same blood ones and others?? I faced some kind of similar situation when my cousin was staying at my house. My mother didnt like anything that girl did. I tried to explain my mother that she is part of our family. I will not say that my mother is bad. Its just that how my cousins family had treated her when she was young. She couldnt forget all the bad things done by them.
Even though we are good, some where our bruised hearts doesnt accept the bad ones. When we are hurt at a tender age, those impressions last for long. We have to live with them. The trust factor in us dies at that age.
Thats why people say that love is the most important factor in our lives. It has the healing factor... I am writing all of this because I saw one teenage girl being slapped by her fren left and right. I couldnt tolerate that sight. I hate men sometimes for their acts.
Physical abuse is much worse than bad words. You can forget those words, but the deeds give us a everlasting experience in our minds. You start developing hatred towards the community as such...
Love everyone. Share your bit of happiness with everyone. Bringing smile on the faces is important. Well... I am lost at this point of writing. Will write more later.


Narendra Naramala said...

i agree with u that physical abuse is the worst kind of abuse..
i cant even imagine people who think they own the other person ..even if they the other person's husband or what ever..
Ur freedom ends where the other person's nose starts..

sweelie said...

Yes Naren...
absolutely right..