Sunday, May 24, 2009

Marriage - past,present and future

In the thoughts of a young girl, marriage gives a wonderful meaning to life. For parents of a young girl, the word is nothing less than a nightmare. With the evolution of our society, the system of marriage has taken many shapes.
Beginning with 19th century where child marriages was prevalent and now with many advancements marriage has just come to the norm of a mere part of life.In the past marriage was given utmost importance; expectations were too high with respect to dowry, family background and girl. A girls marriage was a burden to family. All the above factors need to be considered before marriage.Even a small conflict arising from a marriage was termed to be a girls mistake. Now, the trend has changed completely. Both are equally responsible for the conflicts in marriage. Girls are educated enough to change the perspective of marriage in the society. They are independent enough to take decisions. The outcome of it is uncertain again depending on the life partner attitude and behavior.
At present marriage is linked with education, likes and dislikes of the pair going to get married. The rapport between the girl and guy matters alot these days. This is resulting in a nuclear family where there is no place for older generation.
People are thinking in a very liberal way these days about marriage. The question that arises most of the time is "why should one go for a life long commitment rather than living single and enjoying being single?". The term live-in relationship has come out of the frustrations and responsibilities of marriage. The future generations would welcome this in a better way and go with it. Life becomes pretty easy if one lives in such a way. There are many contrasting views to it as the value of family and bonding together would die in such an act. The feeling of oneness and togetherness is lost. Although one is very free to act in a live-in relationship, having kids and making a family complete is not supported. At present society wouldnt allow it.
The future generations can completely change the face of marriage from its present standards.

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