Friday, August 06, 2010

Tungabhadra Dam

Tungabhadra river is one of the prominent river in South India. One of the dam is constructed on this river near Hospet. The view of the dam from the nearby hilltop is amazing.

The construction of the dam was started before Andhra was formed in 1942 t imeframe. It was completed in just 2-3 years in those days.There was not much of technology in those days but still it was done on such a massive river.  Attaching the engineer description for reference.
The river is surrounded by hillocks on one side giving the dam a more pleasant look. There is a beautiful government guest called Vaikuntam which was constructed during Madras State. It is one of the oldest and elegant guest houses available.
The image of the foundation stone is here :)

There is a beautiful park just beside the dam. Its mostly for attracting tourists. The dam is worth visiting when you are on the way to Hampi and Bellary.
The musical fountain in the park is good. Though the place is in Karnataka, you will find lot of population who speak Telugu and songs also being played in the same language.

That was my visit to Tungabhadra dam and the historical place Hampi. Karnataka state is worth exploring.
I will come up with few more trip later.
Till then adios!!!


Rakesh said...

Good info...

Callie said...

Great photos! The photos of the dam and surrounds are very interesting and show the beauty of the area. I am enjoying seeing India through your photos and reading your posts.