Saturday, March 26, 2011

A new hobby - sketching

Before marriage, I just knew how to appreciate art and related skills. My sweetheart(husband) is very skilled in sketching, painting and cooking. I always ran of words to describe his creativity and enthusiasm in presenting things in a more beautiful way.

I realized I could spend sometime on developing some new hobbies. The best thing is that HE is always there to encourage and guide me.

This is  the first charcoal sketch I have tried to draw. Need to put  little more effort to get good ones...
This is the second one I have attempted. My husband was impressed by the shading but not the shape of the moon. When anyone is really good at something, its really difficult to impress them. Its rather very difficult to reach their expectation levels. I believe it is an ongoing process...

You see I didnt give up :P

And  finally I could do this....

This is the result of guidance from my husband. He could tell me the flaws and improvements I could do it. I dont have the raw image, otherwise its easy to tell how better it looked now :)
I m still working on the shapes and curves of human beings :P I will publish if something is good!
Till then Good Luck to me :D


Maya said...

yu have improved, the last one is really good.. first one reminds of picasso's nude woman... i think u were holding the pencil in a wrong way in the first few sketches

Smita said...

wow! From the 1st to the last there is a vast improvement & honsetly speaking I loved the 2nd one as well!

Good going dear :)

Deepthi Pola said...

@maya... i guess you are right... even my husband said the same thing... i m learning.

@smita.... thank you dear