Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tangled hands and legs

This weeks thursday challenge is COMPLEX.
I was wondering what to post for this week. I was having all the crazy ideas in my head and made a mess in my house. My husband gave me an idea and we implemented it.
Here is the photo of the same... the tangled hands and legs

I m not that good at photoshop but tried to post a collage of  the poses given by my husband.


Anonymous said...

Very Creative.

Anonymous said...

Looks artistic.. Nice try...

Smita said...

was he doing yoga or posed sepcially for you??

Deepthi Pola said...

@silpa... thank u and welcome to my space
@capturedalive... thank you

@smita... he wasnt doing yoga...gave that pose for me :)

Obsessivemom said...

Creative you and cooperative husband... nice combination :-)

Rajesh said...

Great idea. Very creative minds.

Ramana Murthy Venkata said...

Hi !
Though it was not artistic was innovative and funny too.