Tuesday, August 11, 2009

retrospection - finding about me

From the month of July to August, my day to day life has taught me many things. They ranged from taking care of my mother, filling the gap of my sister who went to study in other state,how to get rid of boredom, office tensions and health concerns.

I want to say a few lines about my north india trip. I went to Gwalior and Agra to have a change in my routine. It turned out to be horrible. Madhya Pradesh is completely a backward state which doesnt have proper transport facilities. Even though its well connected by railways, the stations are the most horrible places. There are thousands and thousands of house flies on the platforms. Looks like the platforms are not cleaned for ages and you find all kinds of rotten things. After looking out the conditions there, I was thinking that I dont have any right to complain about Hyderabad. Isn't it the best city ever lived and enjoyed. The city Bhopal doesnt even look like the capital of the state. I guess the politicians there are just sitting in big houses and having hukka. They are not considering the development of the state. The same is with Agra(Uttar Pradesh). Except for Taj Mahal I resented everything there. All most all of them are cheaters and want money earned by illegal ways.

I would like to tell the best part about my journey. It was the deep forest and small rivulets that were flowing through it. The rains made the forest look more beautiful with lots of greenary. Most of the tribals there are very simple in living with just a small hut and one or two cows and buffaloes. Most of the cultivation is done on the hillside. I forgot the name of that cultivation though. Its a very beautiful sight. If one wants to escape the monotonous city life, MP is the best place and also North-East. While enjoying nature, I would give up my luxuries.
Hmm... few lines turned out to be 2 paragraphs.

Now I am thinking what is the retrospection i was going to write???
I completed reading a novel "keep off the grass" by Karan Bajaj.
My verdict: Its not great. Its less than average. Though he added funny elements and eye-opener lines, I didnt find it amazing book to read.
I will continue in my next post.


Smita said...

Good to have you back :)

Yep u r right about the Railway Stations in MP. My In-Laws are in MP and trust me every time I travel there I keep cursing the railways. Guess it also has to do with corrupt politicians.

Anyways I agree with ur views on Keep Off the Grass. I too found it to be an average book. Do u know they are making a movie out of it?

vimmuuu said...

Hyderabad is one of the best cities I have ever been to !!Cant comment about the cities in the north, have just been to Mumbai !

yeah, like you mentioned, what was that retro. ?

sweelie said...

Smita... MP is quite backward. Donno when ppl will change.
A movie?? from novel?? lord help them in its hit or flop!!!

Vimmuuuu...i know... hyd is the best :D
retro?? oh retrospection... i thought it would be over-head so i didnt write...