Monday, September 27, 2010

Kollur & Agumbe - Karnataka

After Murudeshwar, our next destination was Kollur - Mookambika temple. Believed to be one of the powerful goddess. We were traveling on the highway 206 and the roads are pretty horrible.
On the way... view of the ocean from highway.
After taking a diversion on the highway, our journey was pleasant with many bends.
Could see clouds passing through the western ghats range...

Finally we reached the temple around noon. Precisely that was the time when temple will be closed. We had to do some timepass till it opens. We went to a nearby water stream and enjoyed there.
Pics of the same here :)
 Temple entrance...
After the darshan, we decided to go to Davangere while covering Agumbe. We were very hungry and went to a small hotel. We ordered for Dosa's and it was damn yummy. Try any hotel on that route and one can enjoy the food over there. Its not at all sweet incase someone is wondering, as coastal area food is sweet compared to other areas.
We reached Agumbe just after sunset and the place was chilling already. There was fog everywhere and we couldnt see anything. We wanted to stay there for a while but we had a train to catch. On the way we had a terrible experience with leeches.
That ends my Karnataka trip. It was wonderful!!!


Uncommon Sense said...

i have been to mookambika temple as a child..

the chirpy bird said...

Oh this is dreamy! Just loving these pictures so much. Traveling is so awe inspiring and until my next jaunt away, I will live through you!
xo tash

luvsclassics said...

Thanks Deepthi for visiting my Scenic Sunday blog meme today.

Your photos of your travels to India are beautiful. That photo of the dark clouds makes we wonder if you encountered a rainstorm on that day.
I'm glad you found something to do to pass the time when you found the Temple was not open during the hour that you visited the Temple.