Saturday, September 25, 2010

Murudeshwar - Karnataka

Our next destination was Murudeshwar. It was getting late and we decided to stay over there for the night. We had to go through the tough ghat roads for hours together to reach Murudeshwar from Jog falls. The journey was exciting with many bends and lush greenery. There are not many villages through the route and consisted of small houses. People lived very simple in those places.
Here are few snaps of the ghat road section.

 View of the river from the ghat road section.... This is the same river from the jog falls. I am really not sure of the river name :(
We reached around 10pm in Murudeshwar and it was totally occupied with all the tourists. We found it difficult to find accommodation. We stayed in a 3 star hotel at the end putting aside our budget limits. The waves sound was awesome from the room we got. 
Here are few snaps of the place. 
This is the view from our room. It was a terrific sight. 

Early morning sight of the beach.
stones and waves :)
temple, shiv ji and our hotel standing together. This is the view from the beach :)
In the water.
Shiv ji...
That ends our Murudeshwar trip and we started to visit another place, Mukambika temple at Kollur.

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