Saturday, May 28, 2011

A feeding bird - Scenic Sunday post

Nature always shows its wonders. No one can surpass a mother from anything in the world. This is one bird which took lot of earthworms in its mouth to feed its children. I was amazed at the count of worms in its tiny mouth.


Jidhu Jose said...

nice shot

IAmPhoenix said...

very nice shots.. its a nice relaxing change to the stuff in my blog haha

keep them comin :)

darly said...

anything for our kids, even birds have the same thinking

Here's my scenic entry of the week, hope you check it out too.
I Love Darly!
Food and Passion

Anonymous said...


Bikramjit said...

good shot ..

I guess end of the day the basic law of nature is same for all the species including humans .. Pity is that we humans have chosen the wrong path ,...