Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wild flowers blooming in spring

My everyday routine is very simple which includes cooking, cleaning and take a walk to metro station.
On the way I encounter different birds,plants and flowers. I dont know many of the flower names but the bright colors and shapes attract me alot.
 One such flower has many tiny hairs shining brightly in the sun and jointly forming a round shape.
While I was taking macro snaps... the air during exhaling was making these tiny hairy strands to blow away. When the flash was on them...they were shining more beautiful than ever.
I  couldnt have missed such a macro shot.. We dont have a tripod to take a macro shot and my hand was shaking terribly while capturing it. Planning to get it soon. We are also planning to update our Nikon 18-55mm lens to a 75-300mm lens. Waiting to buy them and capture fantastic shots.


Smita said...

The 2nd pic has come out really well dear!!

Jazzbumpa said...

Looks like a dandelion.

Before it turns into this white puff-ball, it is a flat yellow flower. But the plant is ugly.

I used it last week.