Saturday, June 04, 2011

Summer and snow mountains

For the long weekend we went to Denver,Colorado. It was mainly to visit a friend of ours. They had a baby and went to see him. We got the chance to visit the Pikes Peak mountains. They are 14110ft high above the sea level. I could view the whole Colorado peaks from that summit.
Here is the view of the summit view from the bottom of the mountain.
I loved to see the curved road ends from the summit. Aren't they lovely and interesting??
With winds at a speed greater than 40mph, I was almost flying away.
With more posts to come in future...

PS: This post is part of the Scenic Sunday Shots.


eileeninmd said...

Beautiful mountain scnery and that road is cool. great shots! Happy Scenic Sunday!

Light Trigger said...

what a cool road! nice photos!

via Scenic Sunday
Light Trigger

Genie said...

That second shot is a WOW one. I can just imaging the road workers cutting that thing out of the mountain. Geeze, it is high up and VERY curvy. We went to Rocky Mt. NP 10 years ago and that was the treat of a lifetime. Colorado is heavenly. Loved your pictures this week.