Monday, March 16, 2009

on the cloud :)

Flight journey... I traveled by flight last week for the second time. First time I have traveled during night time, so I couldn't comment on my journey and my feelings. But this time I traveled during the morning hours. My greatest excitement was not in the work to be accomplished at a new place but in seeing the clouds and enjoying their sight :)

As the plane was soaring into the sky, I could see tiny villages,tiny ponds and clouds.
At some point my plane was on par with coulds and I could see whats above the clouds... a crystal clear light blue sky... and a never ending layer of clouds... like a fluffy blanket on which one can have a pleasant sleep :)
At some point I thought of touching them and feel how they are like!!!
Some of the tiny clouds which are relatively at a lower height were moving very fast as if some daemon is after them...
I was also searching if there is any mountain thats above the clouds on my route...thats little stupid... but i kept looking for one... i didnt find any...
I was also searching for an eagle... i heard that eagles can fly as high as possible... i didnt find any :(
While I was reaching closer to my destination... I could see that there are some beautiful landscapes... some mountains in the shape of W and V and an elongated V :P
Also I saw that most of the mountains are drilled for stones and they looked as if some meteor has fallen creating a large crater.
It was worth watching all those minute details... I enjoyed my journey along with yummy breakfast... while others were just dozing off!!!

My return journey was horrible and I cant explain it. One small kid who was just 2 years old started crying the moment we boarded the plane and stopped the moment plane landed.
It is hard to explain my feelings now.

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