Monday, March 16, 2009

sasirekha parinayam

I saw this telugu movie yesterday... It was good. I liked the movie.
When the movie first got released, the reviews were not so good. I didnt feel like watching such a movie. Some of them the comedy element is missing. I guess their taste is bad :P
There is comedy in this movie and some kind of intense emotional scenes also.

Basically the movie goes around a young girl who runs away from her marriage. Dowry and unknown guy make her to run away from the marriage. She is not even informed about the guy and she gets pissed off. There are so many requirements from the girl side for marriage.
she should be good looking, fair enough, know cooking, working professional and on top of it should give dowry.. what the f***!!!!!!
And what do parents look for in a guy... he is from a good family and working and barely good enough for their girl... its such a nasty practice if you ask me...

Coming to our movie, its worth watching being a telugu girl :)

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aarthi said...

Nice post...
This thing (dirty commercialization of marriage) is prevalent in almost all parts of India.. not only Telugu... The challenge for those who involved in this process of search/nasty practice is to find the reality (money mindedness) of the other side in the early stage itself.. And that's bit tough!