Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Daughter and story

Off late I was occupied with some trainings at my office and meanwhile I came to know a story about a girl which moved me to the core. Its a love story and her days at in-laws place. 
The girl is pretty innocent and very much true in her heart. She married a guy from her college against the wishes of the society and parents. Life was good for just one month and she decided to get pregnant so that in-laws doesn't separate from her husband. Now she is just 25 with a 2 year old kid. She manages everything at home like taking care of the kid, cooking, cleaning and office as well. Yet everyday she has to bear the taunts of her MIL(mother-in-law).
She is not allowed to stay at her mom's place for longer time. Expected to reach home before 7 everyday whatever maybe the work load at office. Dropping kid at school everyday and manage to reach office early. On top of it, her husband's attitude totally shifting a 180 degrees angle after marriage. He giving more importance to his parents rather than her being a part of family kills her everyday. MIL keeps brain washing her son about marriage.
I saw her for 10 days with a tired look on her face every morning and packing from office before 5pm in the evening. Is that how we expect to look a wife cum mother cum working employee these days? Maintaining a balance between those roles requires lot of patience and effort. Somehow women tend to manage them very well. In turn they expect support from the family. Is it more?

I heard from many of my friends that men change after marriage. Is that really true or girls never understood guys before marriage? I feel one should know enough about a guy before marriage. Its really important to know about the family of a guy as well. Finding out the expectations and building a healthy relationship is also needed these days. In this fast moving world we don't do enough justice for the relationships in our vicinity. 

Every MIL was once a daughter and DIL(Daughter in law).If she doesn't understand, how can she expect DIL to understand and behave properly. There shouldn't be any differentiation between daughter and DIL. If that happens most of the time they lose their son. They end up living alone which is bad. I m not saying that its alright to leave parents and live alone. It happens because of the pressure and not being able to cope with the situation. Its equally important for a girl to treat in-laws like her parents and get along.

I felt very pity for the girl and other than giving some motivation I couldn't do anything for her. She gotta be strong and handle the situation at home making everyone understand that she is also a human and requires some attention.

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