Thursday, June 10, 2010

tring tringggg!!!

Romil's mobile is ringing while he is busy working with an issue. He ignored the calls couple of times until this time when he planned to shout at the caller. After answering he could hear his wife laughing with some person. He immediately called his wife and her first word was "it works". And reminded him to come early for their sons school function.

PS: This is my first attempt for the 55 word fiction. Donno how much fiction is introduced in my story :D


ramyam ....ramaneyam said...

couln't fallow ?

Satheesh said...

i see there are > 55 words :)

Ram said...

Nicely written..Is it because lack of trust or the usual possessiveness coming into picture?

sweeliee said...

@ramyam: its about possessiveness a husband has usually for his wife.

@satheesh: hahaha...keep counting!! :D

@ram: thanks... i wrote it from a possessiveness perspective :)

dreamer said...

nice one.. :)