Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Movies review

Movie name: It happened one night

Review: Its a very very old movie. Some 1934 movie and watching it in B&W was amazing. It was the biggest hit of those times and all time favorite romantic movie. Most of the bollywood movies are adapted from that movie. The movie is about a rich pampered girl who runs away from her father. She meets a stranger on the way and they have some adventures before falling in love :)
Sometimes we should go back to the good olden day movies and enjoy the simplicity presented in them.
I would give 8 stars out of 10 for this one. Download/Rent/Borrow and watch this movie for sheer enjoyment!!!

Movie name: Moonstruck
Review: This is one of the good comedy movies ever made. I loved Cher in this movie. It also castes Nicolas Cage at a very young age. One never knows how and when we fall in love. It happens in an instant and after realizing there is no looking back. Either love or lose. Thats what all this movie is about. Instead of me telling the whole story background, its good to watch it.
I would give 7 stars out of 10 for this movie.


Uncommon Sense said...

havent seen either of them

flower said...

move the movie.