Friday, June 11, 2010

Weekend plansss

The just thought of staying in Bangalore for the weekend without going home town is making me elated.
Not able to say how much excited I'm being here and visiting my dearest fren Bindu.
And also visiting my carromboard gang from my ex-company.
"ek game ho jaaye bas... aur kucch nahin chahiye" 

In this process there would be shopping spree, eating spree and chatting spree.
I really wish rain god to stay away for 2 days and not even think of entering Bangalore.
If he really wants to come, I will allow him to come during night :D
Its selfish but I cant help cribbing about the traffic if it rains.
And mind you Bangalore has created history/records for worst traffic jams.

I wish  you all a great weekend and I will come up with garden city stories if there is something interesting.

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