Friday, February 12, 2010

Are we secure in this social world??

Today we have innumerable social networking sites. We provide our personal information and add friends and be in touch with them. But how safe is that information?? Can it be breached and used by others??
Sometime back for free messaging i have used some service. It constantly sends e-mails to my friends without me opting for it. The first time I have logged in, it had all my friends list saved. Its sending some junk mails to every of my friend. How disgusting!!!! What will my friends think of me??

This is what happens when we want to be in touch with everyone and know more details about whats happening in the world. We give our valuable information and exposing to the world by saying..."this is me!!! you got anything to say".

Today facebook, orkut and gmail store as much information as possible about a user. They know what are you doing currently and log every details. Each and every detail is stored in their databases. like when you were last logged in, whom did you chat with, what is your chat history, what are your photos, whom did u block, what do u hate, what do u love and what not!!!
Is there a guarantee that when you delete your profile from the social networking site, all of the profile information is deleted from their databases?? And that the details are not shown in any search results?? Try me!!! I really dont think so.

Also how safe are we with respect to the identity theft?? There are many cases of identity theft, killings based on the social networking life and making another persons life horrible. We dont want any trouble with respect to our personal life? Two years back it was possible to create an anonymous account in Orkut and bother anyone. Now we have a level of privacy enabled and it really works.

Before even registering with any site, know more details about the privacy policies and dont blindly register with any site. Give only a certain level of information unless explicitly needed. Think twice before giving any information. Aren't we good with the in-person social gatherings and phone calls??

What else is there for us in future?? LBS... Location Based Services... We can be tracked even if we are in restroom. Every smart phone these days comes with GPS and its easy to get our location. I m not sure if I want to buy a smart phone in the future. I want my friends to know me but not every place I m in. I would need some kind of privacy in my personal life. Wouldn't we want that??

Lets make our present world a better place to live. And obviously we dont to think about going to ancient world where man a better social animal. Lets do the innovations which will benefit the human race and not make us idle. Lets not make our life very easy and brain useless.
Remember movie Wall-E!!!!

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flower said...

we are producing family card to get a mobile number.but people creating number of e mail address.but they are not giving proper this may create problem.we are unable to send confidential matter through e mail. because it is not safe.