Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sometimes I wonder

How can a human be different from another in so many different ways. And there are some trillion people in the world and all are different?? Everyone acts differently but only few stand for correct values and stand high. Like Mother Teresa, Gandhi and Mandela. What gave them the power to be so?? Were they were so selfless??
Now why we are so selfish??


Uday said...

hmmm. It depends on your definition of selfishness. In my opinion, the three people you are referring to were selfish in their own way. They were doing the service for their own satisfaction. They were doing all the good deeds to keep their inner self happy.

Eswar Maruri said...

Being Selfish and achieving something is a great thing. At the end that achievement serves the mankind. So, the selfishness has a great value associated. All new inventions, great people in the world emerged in the same way.

flower said...

we must think about other people how they are suffering.we must take bold decision to sacrifice our life.that means we must have broad mind to help other people without any expectation.

sweelie said...

@uday: maybe you are right!!! but why cant atleast 10% of the people in the world be like that?

@eswar: yeah. in a way you are right. but how far are we saving our world by that??

@flower: okay.

Eswar Maruri said...

karmaNyEvaadhikaarastE maa phalEshu kadaachana
maa karmaphalahEturbhoormaa tE sa~mgOstvakarmaNi

karmalanu aacharinchuTayandE neeku adhikaaramu kaladu kaani, vaani phalitamu
paina lEdu. neevu karma phalamunaku kaaraNamu kaaraadu. aTlani, karmalanu
chEyuTa maanaraadu.

This sloka of Bhagavad Gita has a great meaning associated with it. Do not think about saving the world, infact think about why are we born on earth and carry out the karma.

Society is just a mental concept. In the real world there are only individuals.

Why should we think about saving the world anyway? What we should do is just be good do good - in fact, lets do our best and do not expect any result. It automatically make the world a better place to live.

MightyMagic said...

Most of the people on planet seems to abide by Darwin principle " survival for the fittest" knowingly or unknowingly and eventually survive or adjust to the existing world conditions. Very rarely(one in billion) you find people who whole heartedly work on the issues which society really needs at that moment. Later on that issue becomes great cause and they become great personalities and prevail as immortals.