Sunday, February 14, 2010

The right balance

Today, I mean sunday there is a open page in The Hindu newspaper. One can write views about any issue and get it published. I saw a beautiful article and cant wait to share it with everybody. Its the response to "STAY AT HOME MOM". A women has to manage many different things being a homemaker and mom to kids and working simultaneously.
The author quotes a poem by Elizabeth Ralph Mertz, "Accomplishments".

When Aristotle wrote his books,
When Milton searched for rhyme,
Did they have toddlers at the knee
Requesting dinner time?
When Dante contemplated hell,
Or Shakespeare penned a sonnet,
Did Junior interrupt to say
His cake had ketchup on it?
When Socrates was teaching youth
And Plato wrote the Phaedo,
Were they the ones to clean the mess
The children made with Play-doh?
If Edumund Burke had had to work
On all his kids' ablutions,
Would he have had the time and strength
To speak on Revolutions?
When Homer wrote his Illiad
Or Aesop told a fable,
Were they concerned about whose turn
it was to set the table?
When Newton fussed with calculus
Or labored in his lab
Did he compare the whiteness of
His laundry done with Fab?
Did food get bought when Darwin sought
The origin of the species;
Or did he have to hush the tots,
And tell them not to tease, please?
When Holmes and Brandels donned their robes
And gave their wise opinions,
Was laundry piled up four feet high?
With socks mixed up with linens?
How much greater, then, the task
Of those who manage both, Who juggle scholarship with child
Developement and growth.
And how much greater is the praise
For those who persevere
And finish their advanced degrees
and take up a career!

Hats off to those women who manage successfully!!!!


MightyMagic said...

Somethings you cannot truly express or describe in this world and mom stands top on that list. For me, Mom is synonymous with sacrifices,sacrifices and sacrifices along with great pereseverence and unconditional love.Thats why mom has given highest respect and regard in any culture compared to father. By the way,today is not mother's day right!

MightyMagic said...
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Uncommon Sense said...

tht was a nice poem, and it does brings out the truth...

sweelie said...

@mighty magic: it has got nothing to do with mothers day. I just felt like posting and wrote it here.
Yes. mothers are just mothers at the end!!!

@uncommon sense: really!!! until i read it i couldnt understand such an effect

hope and love said...

lovely poem :)

sweelie said...

@hope and love: hey doc...good to see you here...yes...the poem is lovely.