Thursday, February 18, 2010

A wooden box of things

Meeti, has lots of friends in her school. She the most active and brilliant girl of her class. Btw she is in 3rd class. Everyday her mom puts snacks, nuts and fruits in her box. She explains her the need to eat good food and the varieties of things available from nature. She has to answer everything as Meeti has enough questions popping from her little head.
One day Meeti saw her friend eating biscuits from a box which is named as some supplements. She was wondering why her friend is not eating fruits or anything which is natural. Her friend answer saying that the biscuits have enough proteins, minerals and enzymes etc etc. She couldn't understand the actual reason behind that.
At home she bombarded her mother with questions regarding supplements. Her mom replied that its one way of eating and being healthy when we dont have natural things at hand. Meeti asked,"what if tomorrow we dont get natural things and should we eat tablets?". Her mom,"May be. It might happen in the next couple of years because no one would have enough land to produce things and eat synthesized food." Again Meeti asked,"Is that how people would survive on moon if they go there?".
After two days she came to her mom asking her to buy a wooden box. Her mom had no idea on why would she need a wooden box when there is enough space in wardrobe.  She got one box for Meeti. For the next one week, Meeti was busy arranging things in her box. Her mom couldn't understand anything as to what her daughter is busy with. Next day Meeti asked her mom to give some wheat.
Before giving her mom asked,"why do you need those grains?"
Meeti,"I want to have a sample of wheat in my box."
Her mom,"But why?"
Meeti," I want to remember how grains are,nuts are,fruits are and I am collecting them in my box. I will see them when i grow big and use in my garden. We will eat tablets na and seeing them in exhibition... Will the seeds be okay so long mom?"

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