Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not to become like you!!!

Sriram and Anjali has a lovely kid,Chintu of 10 years old. His parents have a different work style and life. Both are busy making money and trying to give a comfortable life to Chintu when he grows up. Mean while the kid is trying to learn most of the things about his school and daily activities from his grandmother(fathers mother). Even though she is quite elderly, she is taking care of Chintu in a much better way by giving him love,care,affection and attention.
      Anjali is making conscious effort to be close to her kid and never making him feel her loss because of her hectic schedule. Something is bothering Chintu all the time. He keeps thinking why his mother cant stay at home and help him do his homework. Why his mother doesnt read him bedtime stories and sing a lullaby.  Why his father doesn't find time to watch cartoon with him?? Is that all about being in a family and achieving nothing great beyond our limits? Every day during his walk with his grand mother in the park, he observes many stray animals, beggars, homeless people and untidiness everywhere around him. No one is bothered about it actually. He is unhappy looking at the sight of his surroundings.
     At night he goes to his parents room and says this to his father,"I dont want to become like you!!!". On asking for the reason, he says, " I want to do something different than you do. Make my surroundings a better place to live."
     A small thought can have huge effect in our life and others as well.


Eswar Maruri said...
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Eswar Maruri said...

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Eswar Maruri said...

What the little kid says is the eternal truth. I find him saying that "Why there are ass holes around us - and why you want to become one of them?" He clearly says: I don't want to be one of them.

If you are not a part of the solution then you are the problem.

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Thanks for sharing a good message.

sweelie said...

@eswar: maybe he want to say that and in a better way.

Eswar Maruri said...

Of Course, YES.

MightyMagic said...

Atleast chintu is in much better position compared to most of the kids in this generation. But parents personal care and attention is must to win the kid's heart. Parents should realize the needs of kids and try to live up to their expectations!!!

Uncommon Sense said...

thts wht happens when u run after money,, u realise that only when one gets old