Thursday, December 25, 2008

funeral services

Today while I was coming to office in bus, I saw something interesting.
Near the traffic signals, there was a Tata Winger standing.
Initially I thought its a BPO cab or something.
But I was wrong. I read the board on it as
(Founded by Ft.....)"

I read it thrice to confirm what it meant.
Does the organization really meant it when they named it??
Would someone go to heaven if those services are taken?
Whats so special about the funeral treatment there??
I had upteen questions popping up in my mind during the 30seconds wait near the signal.
Well... i found it funny enough to laugh at myself.
We do bad/good deeds... so karma should be our part...
how can others give us moksha??

anywayz thats it for today....

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