Monday, December 15, 2008

good - bad/ right - wrong

Recently I had a tiff with one of my good fren. I was wrong at some point of the argument. I have apologized sincerely. The other one has also done some mistake in an emotion... which i found it to be very bad... only creatures who are completely out of their body control would say such things/do such things.
But otherwise if you have an insight into that persons life and behaviour... there is no doubt that that the persons character is good and almost flawless. But he is not ready to accept his mistake.

Well... I stopped talking to that person completely. I asked him to say sorry. But he is not willing to say that. As far as my conscience goes... it tells me that I did the right thing by not talking to him.
He has done many good things.
But does one bad act overlook all the innumerable good things he has done???
How far am i correct in this judgement??
I am not able to understand completely.

Well the whole point of thinking in me is... whether one bad act overlook all the good things a person has done in his/her life??? Is it okay to forgive and compromise for frenship??? What is the guarantee that such type of incidents will not happen in our frenship later?? Do we have to kill our self-esteem and go ahead for such relationship??

I dont have answers to all those questions. I am still trying to find answers for them by having a fight with my mind and heart.

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